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  • 14cm plant pot in pink color
  • 14cm plant pot in grey color
  • 14cm plant pot in white color
  • 14cm plant pot in purple color
  • water tray of 14cm plant pot
  • 14.5cm plant pot with water tray at bottom
  • 14.5cm plant pot with water tray at bottom pink
  • Purple 14.5cm plant pot with water tray at bottom
  • White 14.5cm plant pot with water tray at bottom
  • 14.5cm plant pot with orchid
  • Grey 14.5cm plant pot with water tray at bottom
  • Dimension of 14.4cm plant pot
  • dimensions of self watering 14.5cm plant pot
  • dimensions of purple 14.5cm plant pot
  • dimensions of white 14.5cm plant pot
  • plant pot for cactus
  • 14.5 Plant pot for cactus
  • 14.5 cm Plant pot for succulents cactus
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14.5cm Self Watering Plant Pot with built-in water tray for house, garden, indoor and outdoor plants

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Easy to use 14.5cm Plant Pot

Simply plant your favourite houseplant or garden plant directly inside the 14.5cm plant pot (self-watering) there is no separate planter required. Water from above for the first few weeks until the roots establish and grow towards the bottom water tray. After this, you can water directly into the water tray (through the triangular groove) - you can also easily monitor water levels through this - which helps reduce overwatering. This 14.5cm plant pot tray is available in four different colours Pink, Purple, White, and Grey.

Plant pot with great design

The 14cm plant pot has been designed with plants in mind. It includes a detachable water tray at the bottom of the self watering plant pot, which enables plants to access water whenever they need it, and also makes it hassle free for you to look after your plants! The benefit of a detachable water tray enables you to empty it if you have overwatered the plant - this is a superior design compared to other self watering planters that do not feature a detachable tray.

A plant pot built to last

Long lasting, sturdy body construction made from shatter resistant, flexible BPA Free Plastic, break resistant (under normal usage), UV resistant, lightweight, recyclable, is frost resistant and can be used as an indoor plant pot or as an outdoor plant pot.

14.5cm Plant pot with contemporary design

The striking diamond design on the self watering plant pot will look great in any environment and will accentuate the beauty of your houseplants and garden plants. This 14.5cm plant pot can be used with a variety of plants such as orchids, cacti, succulents and more.

Reliable Quality Plant Pot

High-quality plant pot made in Turkey. Manufactured in environmentally friendly, certified production facilities, in the highest manufacturing standards. Dimensions 14.5cm Diameter (Width) and 13cm Height, 1.3L capacity

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